Sofa + Side table

I picked up this distressed leather sofa from the Goodwill for 80 bucks! Goodwill you save my again. That was Jar Jar speak for Goodwill pretty much is the best. I also got this side table for 8 bucks, but it kinda sucked so I had to go all Picasso on it. Started by painting the top snowman white. That’s what the paint actually said. I taped it all over like it was hurt or something then covered the entire thing in ninja black paint. Just for the record it didn’t say ninja black, but it pretty much was. I pulled up all the tape and botta bing botta boom finished. Now I can drink and read treasure maps from the comfort of me own playroom. Just started downloading all seasons of Talespin 10.7 gigs don’t come easy. I have about 4 more days of downloading. freakin stingy non seeders.


Late Night

It’s 11:30 pm and I can’t go to sleep because I’m picking up some friends from the airport at 1 in the morning. I’m working on a new custom lamp made of recycled material mostly paper. I’ll post some pics of the process once It’s complete. DSi is overrated. maybe? I’ll eat those words in a months time. Probably… Well I’m going to to play some Mario 64 ds… God bless the A.D.D……

Busy Business

I’ve been really really really busy with the move and all. Setting up my command center takes well allot of work. I haven’t had much time to jam out lately (disappointing).. When everything is all setup I’ll take lots of pictures….

I’ve been drinking way to much coffee lately. That’s what happens when you get a espresso machine. Five espresso beverages per day uuummmmm well most likely is to many, but totally worth it.Except not being able to sleep and shaking a little bit, I love coffee . Geez, lay off me people. It’s love. With all this extra time I’m getting not sleeping I’m finally getting caught up on books I’ve been wanting to read. Right now I’m reading “Geek Mafia”. The title can pretty much sum up the basic concept of the book. Oh yeaz, I hate mold….

Josh Dies

This last weekend I went to a Josh Dies acoustic show. The show was amazing. Josh played some of Showbread’s earlier stuff and read parts of his book “The Spinal Cord Perception”. I picked up a copy of the new Showbread film ”  How Showbread Ruined My Life” at the merch table. Yep, It’s signed:)  In the film the guys are crazy, lighting each others underarm hair on fire and having BB gun wars in the tour van. Excitement:)    Later this week I have to find some more boxes for moving. Only three more weeks till I’m out of this place.

iLife got it

So I just bought a copy of iLife 09….. Pause… Silence… (wow).. All the applications within iLife are amazing, however I must say I’m mostly a fan of iPhoto. I’m obsessed with meta data tagging and iPhoto is oozing it out the galore. Now I want a SLR camera with GPS to complete the iPhoto setup. Dang you Apple! Now I’m buying more crap I don’t need. Garageband’s coolest new feature is the artist lessons allowing you to buy music lessons on popular songs taught by the original musical artist. iWeb and iMovie are both cool. I just don’t utilize them at the moment enough to care. Another cool application I found this week is a free program called Dropbox. It’s been around awhile. I just found it recently. You download Dropbox then sign up for the free service and voila you now have a virtual file/space in finder to drag and drop files to. You can access these files on the web or another computer with Dropbox installed. Dropbox just works because it acts as a local space even though it’s everywhere you go. Feels Good!                To own a cloud that is.   I went to  the Cornerstone Festival website today. Only 151 days till the most importing week of the entire year. Operation “Road Trip” is in the works.  One more day till Friday. Thank you for the weekend. I hate work… It’s pretty much like a moldy cheeseburger..

ninja bookWent to the Macarther Mall today, and picked up this secret black book of ninja skills. Woot! Woot! Yea, so I’m pretty much the most dangerous guy in Norfolk now. I love B&N. I had to check out the Apple store while I was their. I can’t get over how awesome the Apple LED cinema displays are. I like the idea of using two displays at once, such as the MacBook plus cinema display setup. Screen real estate is the bomb! What would you expect with a $899 price tag? What can I say? I want it. Why am I a sucker for expensive products I don’t need . Ill blame it on the little Apple oompa-loompas living in the north pole spending every second of every day develop ways to make me want that junk.. Yeah that’s definitely got to be the only logical explanation. I wish I had a cheaper hobby then technology. Really I do. I mean why couldn’t I just take on bird watching or something I’ld save so much money.. On a different note I’ve been listening to Sherwood’s album “A Different Light”. I’ll give it a 8 out of 10 for sure.. Emo kids will real the world or at least cry I mean try..